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The Mahaffy Group at Realty Trust was formed in 2010, with the belief that we can provide a higher level of service to our clients by working as a Team then as individual agents.   We came together because we all had the same core belief in how we run our business.

How The Industry Works

Most Realtors work as individual brokers and spend the majority of their time prospecting for new business by cold-calling or spending hard-earned money on direct-mail or print advertising. Relationships with their buyers and sellers can feel very transactional and you’ll rarely hear from them after the sale.

How We Work

By Referral:

We devote ourselves 100% to serving the needs of our clients before, during and after the transaction. Our philosophy is that if we provide consistent caring service you will gladly refer us to friends and family that may need real estate representation.

As a Team:

In contrast to individual brokers who must wear multiple hats and spread themselves too thin, working as a team allows us to provide several primary benefits to our clients.

Specialization: By focusing on individual strengths such as working with buyers or marketing property, you are being served by a true specialist as well as someone who excels in what they enjoy doing.

Energy: Real Estate is a 24-hour-a-day job. To be at the top of our game, we can’t work seven days a week. Being part of a team allows each of us to take real time off to recharge, knowing that our clients are being taken care of by another caring dedicated broker.

Experience: The Mahaffy Real Estate Group has over fifty years of combined experience selling homes, land, townhomes and condominiums in the greater Portland Metro area. If any of us encounters a new challenge there are three other minds that can find the answer or determine the best course of action. References are available at your request.


Matt Mahaffy – Principal Broker 


OR #200205006

Matt is the Team Leader for the Mahaffy Real Estate Group. With 15 years of experience in real estate, Matt has chosen to specialize in high-end homes, Sauvie Island properties, “Move Up” buyers, and relocation. He describes the real estate business as “a phenomenal way to impact and improve the lives of my clients”. As a Sauvie Island resident, Matt serves on the Board for the local Charter School. When not working, Matt loves to spend time with his wife and daughters and find new physical and mental challenges for himself in the great outdoors.

Fun Facts:

  • I grew up on a dairy farm in Coos Bay, Oregon. My brother took over and converted our family farm to an organic dairy farm.
  • After graduating from Oregon State I became an officer in the Marine Corps.
  • My wife, Fiona and I met on a beach in Australia.
  • My two daughters, Kira and Keely, remind me to live life to the fullest and enjoy every day.
  • I’ve completed two Ironman Triathlons.
  • I’m currently training for my first 100k Ultra marathon.
  • I once spent six days living in a snow cave. I lived on one meal of 1,200 calories, boiled bark, and pine needle tea. I lost 18 pounds.
  • I was exposed to the real estate business by my uncle John Mahaffy, who has over 40 years of real estate experience in the Portland area.


Sue Sullivan – Broker 


OR# 900500243

Sue Sullivan’s passion for selling real estate spans over two decades.  As a Partner with the Mahaffy Real Estate Group, her practice has evolved into representing a diverse client base interested in Portland’s close in neighborhoods.  Her philosophy focuses on connecting individuals committed to collaboration toward their goals of buying and selling real estate.  As a recognized Earth Advantage™ broker, she also is skilled in marketing the benefits of new and remodeled ‘green homes’ that feature resource efficiency.

She is currently on the Board of Directors for the Women’s Foundation of Oregon and is also part of Go To Girls, a special society of the charitable organization Girls Inc.  In addition to working with both the Lincoln High School and West Sylvan Foundations, she was formerly president of the Portland Chapter of the National Charity League.  NCL is an organization that fosters mother-daughter relationships in a philanthropic organization committed to community service, leadership development and cultural experiences.

A lifelong learner, Sue is currently in the process of learning Italian and to play the drums.  She enjoys cooking with her husband and entertaining friends when not involved in charitable pursuits outside her career in real estate.  Her two children, Craig and Megan, both live and work in the Portland area.



Nick Swann – Broker 


OR# 201211605

As a Buyer’s Agent Assistant Nick Swann feels privileged to be in a position to help make his client’s dreams become a reality.  Whether working with first time home buyers, or clients moving from their current home to their dream home, Nick is honored to draw upon the Mahaffy Group’s 50 plus years combined experience in order to give trusted, professional advice to his clients.

With over ten years’ experience in sales, Nick knows that even the simplest transaction can lead to unforeseen complexities.  Helping his clients navigate these hurdles by providing them with the best information and breaking down the process to allow them to make the most informed decision, is what makes his job rewarding.

Nick has been very fortunate to have the opportunity to travel extensively, having visited over 30 countries across 6 continents.  His travels have given him the profound belief that the relationships we form are the source of life’s greatest joys and ultimately define who we are as people.  He enjoys living in a community which shares his love for adventure and an appreciation for diversity.  When it comes to giving back Nick and his partner Jaclyn are proud to support the victims of Human Trafficking through the excellent local charities at Compassion First and Hope 82.  He is proud to have the opportunity to serve the Portland Community through excellence in professionalism and integrity.

Fun Facts:

When I was 9 years old, my parents sold everything and bought a sailboat.  We spent 4 years traveling the world, before finally settling in Seward, Alaska.

Every year I return to Seward and join my father to compete in the Mt. Marathon Race, a grueling slog 3,022 vertical feet up the side of a mountain then a wild descent back down to the center of town.

I fell in love with Portland while attending Lewis and Clark College, where I received my degree in Economics and Hispanic Studies, while learning all the twists and turns of the Willamette as part of the LC rowing team.

After traveling extensively in Central and South America, as well as a semester studying in Chile’s Catholic University, my Spanish is bastante bien.

I am proud to shamelessly promote my partner Jaclyn Edmunds in the publication of her first novel, The Price of Perfection.

On my days off, you can find me out hiking in the Gorge, climbing in the Cascades, kite-surfing at the Coast, and generally soaking up all the adventure the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

Joe Kellogg – Broker


OR #201219465

Not your average Joe!
Joe Kellogg is a third-generation realtor, following in the steps of his father and grandfather. With extensive experience in retail marketing management and 20+ years in non-profit ministry leadership, Joe brings a confident and creative quality to each interaction. Communication, professionalism and understanding are the key principles in how Joe can help you accomplish your real estate hopes and dreams.

Fun Facts:

  • coming soon!








Sara Thomas – Transaction Manager 



Sara takes care of all the behind-the-scenes details during the closing process that ensure a seamless experience on both the buyer and seller sides. She is always connected and ready to respond in the office when the team is out in the field. Her passion for real estate has grown over several years watching the market ebb and flow at home in the US and while living abroad. The deal was sealed when she and her beau made their first home purchase in Portland through The Mahaffy Group in 2015. She knew she’d never find a greater team with which to collaborate.

Fun Facts:

  • I was raised in a little Iowa town with big heart, as a kid of Transcendental Meditation.
  • My beau and I met in Bulgaria on a yoga video shoot for
  • I’ve lived in 3 other countries and traveled to 24, but who’s counting?! Next on the list is Norway and round two of Japan. One day I’ll catch up to Nick.
  • Give me action sports and movement any day: snowboarding, cyclocross racing, tai chi, yoga, interval training, hiking, and running are at the top of my list.
  • I like to experiment with food. My latest tests are seaweed-thickened panna cotta and homemade tortillas using rice flour and ground apricot kernels.



Dea Hartz – Marketing & Listing Manager



Dea is passionate about understanding a home seller’s wants and needs and enjoys developing creative marketing that allows for true personal interaction with clients long after a home is bought or sold. With a former background in the tech industry, Dea incorporates new design and software savvy that eases workflow processes and makes The Mahaffy Group and their clients stand out from the rest. She assists in listing a property from start to finish, from helping to get the home ready for presentation and preparing paperwork to assisting broker’s opens and following up on feedback until the home successfully goes under contract with a buyer. Her passion for real estate was fueled years ago by feeding a healthy addiction to HGTV. While she realizes that the real estate industry doesn’t actually work the way it is portrayed on the Property Brothers, she is excited about everything she has learned and looks forward to continually growing every day…and continuing to watch Property Brothers.

Fun Facts:

  • I was a Division I collegiate soccer player at San Jose State University and miss my glory days as a soccer player but will always have love for the game.
  • I’m a master thrift store/vintage item finder. I’ve been known to spend three hours at a time in Value Village, Artifact, Village Merchants or the Monticello Antique Mall. Looking for something in particular? Let me know and I will find it!
  • My partner (Camden) and I have a dog (Noodles) and two cats (Frog and Toad) that we spoil and take way too many pictures of. Sorry, social media friends!
  • I love the Portland food scene but my #1 restaurant of choice will always be Red Lobster. 🙂